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Sony FX6 – Expert Kit

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Broaden your rigging options with the Sony FX6. Setting it up on a quick-release 15mm LWS baseplate. Mount accessories to the rigid top plate with options for NATO, 1/4”, 3/8” & Sony 8T points. There are also two Quick Detach (QD) sockets to attach camera straps & swivels.


The Mini Axl replaces the stock monitor bracket, mounting to the articulating NATO rail for a wide range of positioning options. Adjust the angle of the screen on-the-fly with the adjustable drag or securely lock it off. It won’t sag or drift from the horizontal, even when operating with the Sony FX9 Loupe.

For transport, simply fold the screen into it’s stow position to keep it safe when packing away. The Top Handle brace is also included, which removes flex & transfers the weight from the handle to the top plate.

To create a level top surface, remove the top handle & mount the included Filler Piece, which can be used with dovetails & more, keeping them centered & balanced.

Each Expert kit comes with the Top Plate, Filler Piece, Top Handle Brace, Mini Axl (Sony FX6), LeftField 15mm LWS Baseplate & a set of 15mm Drumstix (12”/30.4cm)


Machined and hand-finished in our single factory in Church Crookham from high-grade materials. Hard anodised for extended durability. The Advanced Kit comes with our famous Bright Tangerine Support and the addition of a 5-year warranty

What’s in the box:

  • Mini Axl for FX6 monitor with drag adjustment & sag-free support
  • Articulating NATO rail adds extra reach & height placement for monitor
  • Rigid top plate with 1/4”, 3/8”, NATO, 8T points & QD sockets
  • Helicoil reinforced threads to prevent stripping and loosening over time
  • Patented Open•UP baseplate lets you easily lift off the camera from the dovetail
  • Sets the camera to 15mm LWS standards with support for rods & accessories


Mirva Valkeapää

Production Equipment Specialist

Työskentelen Mediatradella tuotantovälineiden ja testailun parissa. Olen tehnyt töitä erilaisissa AV-alan tehtävissä, nykyisin painottuen kameroihin.


Jälkituotanto, Kuvaus, Valaisu


Jukka Ruuskanen

Production Equipment Specialist

Minulta löytyy vahva osaaminen kuvaus-, valaisu- ja audiopuolelta. Nautin kokonaisuuksien rakentamisesta ja toteuttamisesta. Vapaa-ajallani testailen kalustoa ja teen erilaisia kuvausprojekteja.


Kuvaus, audio, valaisu


Tommi Rosnell

Studio Lighting Designer

Toimin Mediatradella tuotantovaloasiantuntijana. Studioiden valaistuksen ja tuotantojen työjärjestyksen suunnittelu ovat erikoisalaani.


Jälkituotanto, kuvaus, valaisu