Mediatrade is made of audiovisual professionals, excellent relations to manufacturers and partners, the joy of sharing know-how and interest in new technologies.

About Mediatrade

Mediatrade is made of audiovisual professionals, excellent relations to manufacturers and partners, the joy of sharing know-how and interest in new technologies.

Mediatrade has been a pioneer in the industry and has been helping customers for over 30 years. As a result, our company’s most important resource, our personnel, has been involved in a wide range of professional activities.

In the picture above, you find a total of more than 230 years of truly diverse experience in the industry – more than 70 years of which at Mediatrade.

Whatever your challenge, we welcome it and solve it in a sustainable and enduring way.

Mediatrade is

a solution provider for digital media production, distribution and management systems.

Our customers include TV companies, production houses, telephone companies, cable TV, IPTV and telecom operators, as well as public sector players such as hospitals, educational institutions and the military.

We represent

the world’s leading hardware manufacturers and software developers. Our experts have formed a network of contacts due to their long international relations with a range of operators.

We create our own vision of the best solutions while listening to the customer’s needs.

Since 1991, we have been first to introduce many new technologies and workflows, such as NL editing, DVD authoring, LED lighting, virtual studios, IPTV w/ NPVR, tapeless acquisition, file-based playout, Docsis 3.0 M-CMTS bonding etc. We also boast the widest reach of expertise: our offering encompasses the entire broadcast industry chain from production equipment, to management and archiving and finally to delivery systems.

It is not always easy to be in the forefront of development but it is rewarding. That is why we will continue to offer the latest solutions, which also support the development of your business model.

The TV industry is in constant change. High definition, mass storage and high bandwidth are examples of the leaps in technology. More significant are the changes they allow, both in production processes, where file-basedness brings its own challenges, and in end-user behavior, where online videos and payment channels further fragment the customer base.

At Mediatrade, we understand that these have a profound impact on business models.

We believe that In-Camera VFX production methodology has the potential to revolutionize how content is created and consumed, and we are happy to be at the forefront of this technological shift.

Our latest venture into XR (Extended Reality) and VP (Virtual Production) production from In-Camera VFX point of view, with excellent partners:
ROE VisualMo-SysCreamsourceSUMOLIGHT and Brainstorm.

You can read more from our dedicated page: IN-CAMERA VFX >

Our references include Yle’s regional news studios, material archives of TV channels, the Estonian Television Matrix and Broadcasting Center project and Levira’s multi-channel exit center, which e.g. broadcasts HD channels to the Nordic countries.

Mediatrade has a vast and versatile experience in distribution and contribution design and systems integration. In recent years, we have built more new cable and IPTV transmission centers than anyone else in Finland.

Mediatradians are diverse professionals in the field, from photographers to animators, from light enthusiasts to engineers, from masters of economics to radio developers. Versatile know-how and experience means that we have the right expertise, from smaller equipment purchases to demanding integrations.

You can meet our experts below.

Read about our ICVFX project

We have embarked on a deeply educational journey to explore In-Camera VFX productions from both broadcast and film point of view. This includes diving deep into areas such as Color CalibrationImage Based LightingGhostFrame and Camera Tracking.

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Welcome for a visit! For the best experience you may contact our experts beforehand. All the contact details are listed below.

Our experts

Mikko Saarinen

Managing Director

Kiva, kun olet kiinnostunut yrityksestämme. Saat minuun ja kollegoihini parhaiten yhteyttä vierailemalla liiketiloissamme, mutta myös puhelin ja sähköposti toimivat.


Kukka Harvilahti

Communications and Marketing

Vastaan Mediatradella viestinnästä, verkkosivuista, markkinoinnista ja tapahtumista.


Audio, Jälkituotanto, Tapahtumat, Uutiset


Mikko Leino

System Specialist

Vastaan perinteisistä videotuotantolaitteista ja -välineistä. Vastuullani on myös striimaus- ja web-tuotantoratkaisut.


Kuvaus, audio, ohjelmatuontanto, striimaus


Esa Lötjönen

Senior Specialist, Audio

Hallitsen radion sisällöntuotannon prosessit ja teknisen toimintaympäristön. Osaan myös äänituotannon kokonaisratkaisut Podcast-studioista valtakunnallisten radiokanavien toteutukseen.


Audio, lähetys ja siirto, ohjelmatuotanto


Mirva Valkeapää

Production Equipment Specialist

Työskentelen Mediatradella tuotantovälineiden ja testailun parissa. Olen tehnyt töitä erilaisissa AV-alan tehtävissä, nykyisin painottuen kameroihin.


Jälkituotanto, Kuvaus, Valaisu


Janne Trogen

Product Manager

Minulla on kolmenkymmenen vuoden suunnittelu- ja toteutuskokemus broadcast- ja ohjelmansiirtoasennuksista. Mediatradella vastuullani on audio- ja komentolaitteet, sekä projektit ja asennukset.


Audio, Lähetys ja siirto, Tapahtumat


Lauri Virkki

Project Manager

Vastaan Mediatraden projektien vetämisestä. Myös järjestelmäsuunnittelu kuuluu toimenkuvaani. Projektitehtävien lisäksi tunnen hyvin tuotantotekniikkaan liittyvät haasteet, työkalut ja työnkulut.


Kuvaus, ohjelmatuotanto, IP tekniikat


Tommi Rosnell

Business Development Manager

Toimin Mediatradella tuotantovaloasiantuntijana. Studioiden valaistuksen ja tuotantojen työjärjestyksen suunnittelu ovat erikoisalaani.


Jälkituotanto, kuvaus, valaisu


Ossi Laine

Senior Specialist, Broadcast & Distribution

Etsitkö ratkaisuja tai onko sinulla haasteita lähetys-,studio-, tuotanto-, siirto- ja jakelujärjestelmien alueella? Selvitetään haasteet yli 20 vuoden kokemuksella broadcast-sektorilta.


Lähetys ja siirto, ohjelmatuotanto, striimaus, uutiset


Sampo Kaikkonen

System Specialist

Työnkuvaani Mediatradella kuuluu lähinnä jälkituotanto-, medianhallinta- ja tallennusjärjestelmien suunnittelu, myynti ja tekninen tuki.


Jälkituotanto, tiedostopohjaiset työnkulut, tallennusjärjestelmät, arkistointi


Ilari Lehtonen

Repair and maintenance coordinator

Vastaan Mediatradella laitteiden huoltotöiden koordinoinnista sekä avustan markkinoinnin tehtävissä.