About Film Lighting on an XR Stage


In this article Mediatrade’s lighting designer Tommi Rosnell explores the following topics in depth:

  • Image-Based Lighting
  • New demands of accuracy in film lighting
  • Thoughts about how picture resolution translates into light information

“It is especially challenges of versatility and accuracy that lighting meets today on a VFX production, whether it is shot on a chroma key stage or on an XR Stage. Continuously increasing authenticity of computer-generated imagery translates to growing demand of more accurate realism in interaction between real and virtual world.”
Writes our lighting designer and ICVFX Specialist Tommi Rosnell.

Hyväksy markkinointievästeet katsoaksesi videon.
Aukusti on our XR Stage. 3100K backlight is created by an LED Fresnel with contribution from ROE BP 2V2, 5600-9000K sky and fill light are created by Sumosky and Vortex8 Arrays. All lighting based on plates filmed at location.

More about the writer

“I work at Mediatrade as a production lighting expert. Studio lighting and production workflow planning are my specialties.”

Tommi Rosnell

Business Development Manager

Toimin Mediatradella tuotantovaloasiantuntijana. Studioiden valaistuksen ja tuotantojen työjärjestyksen suunnittelu ovat erikoisalaani.


Jälkituotanto, kuvaus, valaisu


Our partners

  • ROE Visual
  • Mo-Sys
  • Creamsource
  • Brainstorm

We would like to express our gratitude to our partners for their invaluable contributions and support. Your expertise, innovation, and passion for cutting-edge technologies has been instrumental in shaping our understanding and progress in this field.

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