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VSW-2000 4-Input 3G-SDI Switcher with 3G-SDI Program Output

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The VSW-2000 4-Input 3G-SDI Switcher with 3G-SDI Program Output lets you simply and easily switch between four SDI sources. Four SDI inputs accept SD, HD, and 3G-SDI signals from cameras, recording decks, and other professional equipment and with the push of a button on the front panel, sends one selected signal to the SDI output. The VSW-2000 analyzes incoming signals in order to optimize transmission. The SDI output is re-clocked to ensure that long cable lengths can be used. For convenience, the included infrared remote control can perform input selection functions. Alternatively, the RS-232 interface can be used.

Product intended for professional use. Warranty unavailable.

Tuote on tarkoitettu vain ammattikäyttöön. Ei takuuta.


  • Four SDI Inputs
  • Supports SD, HD, and 3G-SDI Signals
  • Re-Clocked Output
  • Front Panel Controls
  • Includes IR Remote Control
  • RS-232 Control Enabled

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