LU300Se Encoder Unit

Tuotekoodi: LU300S-ENC
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LU300 encoder only HEVC video transmit unit, Encoder only – no internal modems, up to 6Mbps live streaming, 2 audio channels. LU300e

Powerful and compact contribution encoder for high-quality, low latency video transmission. Supporting point-to-point and point-to-multipoint video distribution for a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

Reliable contribution encoder in a small form-factor

Weighing just over 900 grams (2 lbs), the LU300e is LiveU’s most compact and cost-effective HD contribution encoder, delivering mission-critical, ultra-low latency transmission over public IP. LiveU’s range of point-to-point contribution encoders also includes the 1U rackmount LU610 and the multi-camera LU800e-PRO4.

Go live anytime, anywhere

The LU300e supports “Live & Store” mode, allowing you to go live under any network conditions while simultaneously recording locally a high-quality file of the live video. Files can be sent later, if needed, to any LiveU server.

Easy to use

With a 2.2″ display, the LU300e offers excellent visibility under sunlight conditions. The unit can be easily controlled using its intuitive JOG controller or directly from the LiveU Control App.

Intuitive cloud-based management

The LU300e can be monitored, controlled and managed via LiveU Central, the unified cloud-based management platform for LiveU’s field and studio units.

Rich remote production tools

Make your production more efficient with our remote production tools, seamlessly integrated with the LU300e to ensure the most professionally-produced live broadcasts. Tally Light – IP Pipe – Audio Connect

Matrix enabled

The LU300e can serve as a content source for the LiveU Matrix, allowing you to easily share your live feeds with members in your network or any other content partners.

Powered by LRT

LRT is the power behind all LiveU devices and software, used extensively for video contribution and backhaul, as well as worldwide video distribution over the public internet, delivering the highest resiliency over cellular and other IP networks.


Mikko Leino

System Specialist

Vastaan perinteisistä videotuotantolaitteista ja -välineistä. Vastuullani on myös striimaus- ja web-tuotantoratkaisut.


Kuvaus, audio, ohjelmatuontanto, striimaus


Mikko Saarinen

Managing Director

Kiva, kun olet kiinnostunut yrityksestämme. Saat minuun ja kollegoihini parhaiten yhteyttä vierailemalla liiketiloissamme, mutta myös puhelin ja sähköposti toimivat.