MD-SDI U/D/C Converter + R2 rear: OpenGear

Tuotekoodi: UDC-8225A-R2
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The MD-SDI U/D/C Converter + R2 Rear: OpenGear is a universal cross-converter designed for broadcast use. It can provide SD to HD up-conversion, HD to SD down-conversion, as well as HD to HD cross-conversion.

The UDC-8225A supports all popular standard definition and high definition video formats, with or without four groups (16 channels) of embedded 48kHz synchronous audio, including 480i, 576i, 720p, and 1080i. The format of incoming video is automatically detected, simplifying system setup.

A licensed software option for the UDC-8225A includes an additional input which is used to insert additional content in the blank areas of the converted output (Letter Box and Pillar Box).

The UDC-8225A converts the incoming SDI video, on the main SDI In, to any supported video format. Using advanced video de-interlacing algorithms, dynamic edge detection, adaptive noise reduction circuitry and full 10-bit processing, format conversion is performed with the highest possible picture quality. As part of the format conversion process, a flexible aspect ratio converter allows the video to be re-sized to a number of standard aspect ratios.

The UDC-8225A incorporates a video frame synchronizer, allowing the output video to be timed to an external video reference.

Any openGear DFR-8300 series frame supports a distributed frame reference, allowing incoming reference sync signals to feed timing information to all modules in a frame. Thus, a single composite or tri-level sync signal can be used for multiple cross-converters. Alternatively, each card accepts an additional reference signal providing additional system timing flexibility.

To make configuration easier, the cross-converter offers a unique Heads-Up Display (HUD) on a separate composite monitoring output. When activated, card status and parameters can be viewed and adjusted using the card-mounted finger joystick and an easy to use menu system. Alternately, you can configure the UDC-8225A using the DashBoard Control System which also enables you to install licensed software features such as the Wings Input option.

The UDC-8225A is fully compliant with all openGear technical specifications and supports remote monitoring via the DashBoard Control System.

Product intended for professional use only. Warranty unavailable.

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  • Up / down / cross, ARC conversion of all traditional formats 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480i, 576i
  • Audio / video frame sync with processing
    – Audio, 16 channel embedded processor: gain, invert, shuffle, sample rate conversion
    – Video, luma / chroma gain and black offset
    – Metadata with AFD processing and insertion
  • Primary / secondary fail-safe input with auto-changeover
  • Internal or external pillar bar / letter box graphic insertion
  • Ability to create and recall ARC configuration profiles
  • Keying with external key / fill inputs