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Misfit Kick 360 2-Stage Kit

Tuotekoodi: B1245.0001
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Misfit Kick 360 2-Stage Kit

“Craft your image with filters to get the shot you envision. This kit is ready to combine two 4×5.65″” filters and a top flag to cut out flare & maintain contrast. 360-Degree Rotation The second stage offers 360-degrees of rotation, useful for positioning graduated NDs or adding a polariser to reduce glare or reflections. An additional rotating stage can be added with the expansion pack, upgrading it to a 3-stage matte box. Wide Angle Coverage with 5×5″” Support For operators using wide angle cine-servo lenses, the Misfit Kick 360 also supports 5×5″” trays & filters, removing the risk of vignetting, even when rotating the stage. Frame Safe To complete the system, simply add a Frame Safe clamp adapter to suit your lens available from 80mm to 143mm diameters. It is also compatible with ARRI clamp adapters. British Workmanship Machined and hand-finished in our single factory in Church Crookham from high-grade materials. Hard anodised for extended durability. The Misfit Kick 360 comes with our famous Bright Tangerine Support and the addition of a 5 year warranty. Independent 360-degree rotating filter stage for use with polarisers, graduated ND & FX filters. Configurable to clip-on, rod mount or swing away with a wide range of accessories Compatible with 4×5.65″”, 5×5″” or 5.65×5.65″” trays & filters Offers a wide field-of-view and maximum coverage for cine-servo lenses Combines with Frame Safe clamp adapters to suit a range of lenses, available in 80-143mm sizes B1245.1001 Misfit Kick 360 2-Stage Core 2x B1251.1050 4×5.65″” Filter Trays B1210.1025 – Carbon Fibre Top Flag (Misfit Kick) Comes with 5 years warranty”