Tilta Mirage Matte Box

Tuotekoodi: MB-T16
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Mirage on Tiltan uusi matte box -järjestelmä, jossa on erittäin kevyt rakenne, monitoiminen modulaarinen muotoilu ja edullinen ratkaisu nykyaikaiseen ja tehokkaaseen videotuotantoon. Saatavana on kolme vaihtoehtoa: 1) Mirage Matte Box 2) Mirage Matte Box + VND 3) Mirage Matte Box + VND + moottori. Kaikki kyseiset vaihtoehdot löydät alta.


  • Mitat: 11 x 9 x 4.5 inches
  • Paino: 2.3 lbs
  • Materiaali: Aluminum alloy, stainless steel
  • Väri: Musta


  • Tilta Mirage Matte Box Body (MB-T16-BK)*1( Circular Filter Tray for Tilta Mirage(2.01.0MBT16005)*1 is included)
  • 67mm Adapter Ring for Tilta Mirage(MB-T16-67)*1
  • 72mm Adapter Ring for Tilta Mirage(MB-T16-72)*1
  • 77mm Adapter Ring for Tilta Mirage(MB-T16-77)*1
  • 82mm Adapter Ring for Tilta Mirage(MB-T16-82)*1)
  • Basic Soft Carrying Case for Tilta Mirage(MB-T16-SCC-B)*1


Featuring a new standard 95mm clamp on backing that can be mounted directly onto classic cinema lenses such as ARRI Ultra Primes, Leica Summicron-C, etc., as well as adaptable to more accessible DSLR and Mirrorless Lenses, to support all video creators

Our new circular filter design is more cost efficient due to its lighter weight and smaller size, weighing only 1/4th of a traditional 4×5.65 filter.

Inherited from the film industry, the cartridge filter design replaces the conventional screw on filter system and can be quickly installed with a single press.

The system supports a variety of special effect circular filters, such as star patterns, multi-colored streaks, anamorphic flares, black and white pro mists, and other lens effects that can fully support all aspects of your creative vision for modern video production.

Featuring a newly designed Variable ND module (optional), developed in close collaboration with top tier optical manufacturers, the VND module accommodates multiple configurations, the lightest being only 130g.

Using new PL + CPL technology, the VND module can produce accurate colors even at its maximum density.

The Variable ND can be gradually adjusted, allowing you to keep consistent exposure when lighting conditions change unexpectedly.

The module has built-in hard stops between ND 0.3 ~ ND 2.7 to ensure no risk of an X-Pattern Cross Shadow.

The VND module can be wirelessly controlled by a micro motor to remotely adjust the ND level which offers more flexibility while shooting.

The standard wireless range is 100m and can be extended further by a wireless signal amplifier for ariel photography (optional).

The VND’s Motor can be controlled with the new Wireless Controller (included in the VND + Motor Kit) as well as Tilta’s Nucleus Series Wireless Follow Focus Systems.

The Wireless Controller mounts via NATO Rail and can control the Nuclues M & Nano motor as well as the Wireless Motor for Tilta Mirage.

When you choose the VND Kit, you are able to use the included Nucleus Nano Motor Mounting Bracket to secure a Nucleus Nano motor directly to the VND module in order to adjust the density wirelessly. (optional accessory for other kits)

The matte box body adopts an aerodynamic design with integrated vents that can reduce the wind resistance and ensure stability when shooting subjects at high speeds while the optional protective front element can provide further security for your filters.

The modular design can support many creative configurations including the use of an adhesive protector (optional) which can be applied to filters to prevent scratches and help eliminate reflections.

Expand the matte box’s 4×5.65 filter support with additional stackable filter trays (optional) to achieve more advanced creative looks. More accessories will continue to be released and further expand the possibilities of the system.

The Tilta Mirage Matte Box offers a next generation shooting experience, whether you are a single operator or a professional production crew, the Mirage is the perfect tool for modern video production.

The combination of unique design elements and versatile configuration options can assist professional creators in achieving sophisticated visual styles to better express their artistic visions and produce industry level looks at an accessible price.

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