Tilta Zombie Rig Boompole Support System

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Tilta Zombie Rig Boompole Support System

The Zombie Rig is the new universal support system for boom operators, designed to redistribute weight and improve flexibility to mix audio levels while operating.
The design is based around a central Support Pole which mounts to a wide range of sound mixer bags via a baby pin receiver.

This allows users flexibility for mounting the system to not just mixer bags, but 3rd party support vests or even C-stands for extended use.
The included brackets easily adapt to a variety of boom pole models through the use of various sized shims, ensuring seamless compatibility with different brands.

The most integral part of the design is the Operating Bracket which attaches to the back end of the boom pole and allows for easy adjustment of the microphone’s direction.
Users can then attach a counter weighted Operating Bracket Support Pole in order to perfectly balance the length of the boom pole while easily maneuvering the boom pole vertically as well as being able to rotate it up to 360°.

This creates a more effortless operational experience and frees up the operator’s hands from supporting the weight of the boom, which opens up possibilities for mixing audio levels while operating the boom mic.
With its modular design, the Tilta Zombie Rig System can be disassembled and efficiently stored, occupying less than 1 meter in length. It also includes a complimentary carrying bag for easy transportation.

Constructed from high-strength carbon fiber, reinforced with patented mechanical structures for lasting stability.


  • Dimensions: 24 x 16 x 5 inches
  • Weight: 14.6 lbs
  • Material: Aluminum-alloy, stainless steel
  • Color: Black


  • Adjustable Microphone Mount (21106.00013.00)*1
  • Boom Support Bracket (21106.00014.00)*1
  • Expandable Boom Support Pole (21106.00015.00)*
  • Operating Bracket (360°) (21106.00016.00)*1
  • Operating Bracket Support Pole (21106.00017.00)*1
  • XLR Protection Module (21106.00018.00)*1
  • Boom Pole Shims (21106.00019.00)*1
  • Boom Pole Docking Bracket (21106.00020.00)*1
  • Mixer Bag Mounting Brackets (21106.00021.00)*2
  • Adjustable Mounting Module (Junior Pin) (21106.00022.00)*1
  • Transportation Bag for Tilta Zombie Rig Boompole Support System*1

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