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Multicam, monikameratuotanto, Grass Valley, SVV, ROSS, Canon, TvLogic, 12G, UHD, HDR.

SVV acquires Finland’s most advanced UHD HDR multicam system

Mediatrade delivered a 12G UHD HDR four camera solution to SVV in 2019.

SVV had a clear vision of offering their clients the best image capturing available in a compact size to ensure smooth mobility between venues. To achieve this vision the main elements chosen for this system were Grass Valley LDX86N’s native 4K cameras with, ROSS switching (Ultra) & routing (Ultrix), Canon UHD lenses (2 x UJ66x9B and 2 x CJ25EX7.6B) and TVLogic monitoring (LUM-310R as the reference monitor). All the elements were chosen after careful study and empirical testing.

The system was designed in cooperation between SVV and Mediatrade specialists ensuring that specification and functionality were based on customer needs utilizing the newest and future proof technological solutions.

More information about SVV: http://svv.fi/

Pictures: Daina Kukka Harvilahti

System is very compact and easy to move around.

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